Run Flat Tyres – the benefits!

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Modern cars require the latest in tyre technology, The Run Flat Tyre. These Tyres are designed for you to be able to continue driving however at a slower speed, for a limited distance when they are punctured or underinflated. This can allow drivers get to the nearest convenient location to either repair or replace the tyre which will take the worry of either calling a breakdown recovery company or even worse, changing the spare wheel on the hard shoulder of a motorway or on a street corner.

These tyres are designed to work with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which identifies automatically any loss of air pressure in your tyre(s), this system has become mandatory in all new model of cars. Once the light on the dashboard indicates that there is a problem, you no longer have to pull over straight away. Slow your speed, NB always follow the manufacture recommendations, and simply reach a point in your journey where it is convenient to stop to have the tyre inspected.

Kingsway Tyres can explain how’s and why’s of the benefits of the run flat tyre and offer impartial advise to you of the best value for money tyre that will best suit your driving demand.

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