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Kingsway Tyres support the following Which? Recommendations:

  1. Check Tyre pressures on a regular basis. Under inflation is common and will affect the performance of your tyres and can lead to increased fuel consumption and can cause premature failure.
  2. Always check your tyres when they’re cold. When you drive the air in the tyres heats up and expands, which raises the pressure in the tyres. If you then check the tyre pressure and change it to the manufacturer recommendation, your tyre will be under inflated.
  3. Avoid mixing tyre makes. Ideally, you need the have the same tyres on your car. Mixing makes and models will lead to different performances on different wheels. Tyres on driven wheels tend to wear out more quickly than the others, so in this case, replace two tyres at a time, and make sure that the ones on the same axle match each other.
  4. Check your tread depth. Once your tyres hit 3mm of tread, the tyre’s ability to disperse water decreases dramatically, you should begin to look for replacements.
  5. Make sure you know how to change you tyres, or use an emergency tyre repair kit.
  6. Check your tyres for damage. This can be as simple as visually inspecting your tyres to make sure you can’t see anything lodged in the tread.
  7. Look after your wheels, steering and suspension to keep your tyres from wearing quickly or unevenly.
  8. Know the tyres you need before you buy. This can often be found in the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle handbook. You should never fit a lower specification than this on your vehicle.
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