New Bridgestone All Weather Tyre A001
New Bridgestone All Weather Tyre A001
15th September 2010
    The new All Wether Tyre from Bridgestone A001. Perfect for driving in the UK.
    1. The new A001 features an all weather compound that equally wears, regardless of season.

    2. This makes its expected wear level at least that of a standard summer tyre

    3. Usable all year round to save having to change the tyres to suit the season

    4. Suited to the milder European winter conditions and regions where winter temperatures can be cold, though extreme winter weather stays out

    5. Good all-round traction for various road conditions, providing maximum safety, though retaining  good tyre life and tyre noise characteristics

    6. Confident driving experience and dynamic under fast changing weather conditions

    7. M+S marked, designed to ensure in mud and fresh or melting snow. Accepted as snow tyre in markets where application of winter tyres is law

    8. Optimum driving for United Kingdom
    For more information on the Bridgestone A001, why not view this presentation.
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